Issues We Are Promoting

In our mission to protect and expand work for our 83,000 members, CSAEW tracks a wide range of issues, including forward-looking technology, safety in the workplace, green and sustainable jobs, clean energy, infrastructure jobs, labor laws, training, housing and more. We work with our elected representatives in Sacramento and their home districts to make sure our members’ voices are heard in the legislative process.  Our members regularly reach out to their elected officials about their concerns, and testify at committee hearings, and weigh in on issues as they come up for a vote.

Legislative concerns include:

  • Supporting Project Labor Agreements
  • Promoting the Power of Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Expanding Clean Energy
  • Promoting Green Jobs
  • Supporting Solar Canopy Legislation
  • Safety for Utility Worker
  • Interconnection
  • Housing

Issues We Are Promoting (White Papers)