Bills We Are Tracking

SB 284 is a proposed bill by Sen. Scott Wiener that attacks our Collective Bargaining Agreements and raids IBEW work!  SB 284 would force contracting out of all utility work and cause more than 40,000 IBEW members to lose their jobs. It illegally invalidates the IBEW’s collective bargaining agreements, and is anti-union. CSAEW successfully mounted a major campaign in opposition to this bill, and we were able to get the bill put on hiatus.

SB 49 is a proposed bill by Senator Josh Becker that allows tax credits to be applied to solar canopy projects. It also calls on the California Public Utilities Commission to work with the state’s Energy Commission to lease right of ways for energy infrastructure.

SB 149 is an infrastructure budget trailer bill that provides for faster CEQA review for various projects, and most importantly, requires a “skilled and trained” or a PLA on a wide variety of IBEW impacted projects including solar and wind storage projects, clean energy manufacturing facilities, semiconductor facilities, and transmission projects. The Senate passed the trailer bill in a major win for CSAEW.