AB 2451: A crucial step toward closing wage theft loophole

This article by David Sikorski originally appeared in Capitol Weekly:

OPINION – California is poised to reap the benefits of historic infrastructure investments recently authorized in Washington, D.C., and Sacramento. Billions of dollars will soon be put to work restoring highways, repairing bridges, modernizing airports, bolstering our climate resiliency, and creating thousands of good-paying jobs in the construction industry.

As projects make their way from the drawing board to breaking ground, the State should be taking active steps to ensure these projects provide middle class wages, safeguard against misclassification, and utilize the most highly trained and efficient workforce available. At a time of urgent infrastructure needs with a President actively seeking to meet them, the State has an opportunity to champion the principle of fair compensation for all construction workers on publicly funded projects, while also providing much needed clarity to the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).